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How to Build Respect with Your Audience: Positive Thinking and Outhouse Eyes

Do you believe in natural laws? Laws like:

? What goes up, must come down

? What you sow, you reap

? When you look down outhouse holes, you get green eyes (I know this one works - I've got green eyes)

Thoughts create reality is another natural law. Positive thoughts create positive results, and negative thoughts create negative results.

Does this happen for you?

When you plan your presentation, you may have doubt and worry about your delivery and content. You may fear that you will not give your client the value expected. You may fear that you will not create mutual respect with your audience. These all fall into one encompassing fear, "the fear that you are not enough."

Guess what? At stage time, you get exactly what you thought about! It will be an ineffective presentation, lack of congruency, and lack of connection and respect. It works perfectly - a natural law - you set it up that way!

That's what happened for me a few times when I used to "deliver presentations." I don't do that any more and I don't recommend you do it either.

Since then, I have "given" hundreds of "engagements." I give from my heart, and my intention is to engage myself with every soul in the room, intellectually, physically, emotionally, or spiritually.

This difference between presentations and engagements is where the potency of positive thinking proliferates (ohh, that is aliterarily profound).

Here are some ideas that will work for you in the planning, preparing, and engagement.

In your mind, think positively about, and visualize:

? the client, their team, and your ability to work successfully together, right from the initial contact.

? great sharing and learning during pre-program interviews and questionnaires. This is where you have the opportunity to learn as much as possible about your new friends. You're building a relationship.

? creating, or tailoring your material especially for them.

? giving them what they "want" (valuable and original content, movement, experiences, fun). This is where the respect, rapport, and compassion are created. You will feel comfortable with them, and they will feel comfortable with you.

? giving them what they "need" (tough questions, emotional roller-coaster ride, reminders, challenges, action steps) so they can remember, or learn the tools and techniques to make positive changes in their lives.

? giving your new friends original, powerful messages in every practice session. In your mind's eye, see them as attentive, eyes sparkling, laughing, crying, inspired, pondering, hurting, and motivated to action.

You have fears. Your audience has fears. Suck it up prince/princess!

I challenge you to face your fears, think positively, and use these ideas. When the real engagement finally happens, it will be like walking into a room of people you already know, like, trust, and respect. And the feeling will be mutual.

If you are sceptical about this positive thinking stuff, give it a try. What do you have to lose?

If you are pessimistic, go look down outhouse holes.

About the author: Dan Ohler is Thinkin' Outside The Barn!
Dan writes and speaks internationally on happiness, relationships, and change. He helps you learn the secrets to create life-long delightful relationships and abounding success.
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