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Networking Information

7 Step Plan To Get Going With Networking

Whether you're an introvert or an extrovert, feel like you have the gift of gab or just don't know how to make small talk, networking know-how is very important for your business success. There is a notion in business that I believe most of us subscribe to that says "all things being equal, people will do business with and refer business to those they know, like and trust.

Powerful Networking: Focus on Building Connections, Not Closing Sales

You can find numerous references in the business literature about the importance of a company's mission. These sources emphasize that the mission is not to make a profit; that a profit is the outcome of and reward for fulfilling the mission.

Communication Is A 2-Way Street (The Networking Factor)

The Personal Touch 1There is a simple art to networking and the good news is, should you choose to put forth a conscience effort to improve the way you communicate, networking can and will become second nature to you, it is really just that simple. A personal touch big or small makes a big difference in how others perceive you professionally and personally as well.

Networking - How To Do It

Networking is probably the oldest, easiest, most effective and least expensive way to get more business. It doesn't necessarily involve selling your product or service but it does mean selling yourself.

8 Ways To Develop Confidence In New Situations

Do you enjoy one-on-one networking, however, the thought of walking into room full of people you don't know horrifies you? You're not alone. Yes, even a social butterfly, President of the Social Committee in High School and avid networker knows how you feel.

You Can't Spell Networking Without Serendipity

"Fear not to entertain strangers for by so doing some have entertained angels unaware."This quotation is from the book of Hebrews, which means it probably has nothing to do with networking.

What I Do Is Not Who I Am... The Networking Factor

Ah, the personal touch that continues to make a big difference for the better in our lives and the lives of those who have an opportunity to experience a personal touch from us.If networking and effective communication are centered on other people, can we effectively network or communicate without the help of other people?For the sake of argument, let us define networking as: finding out what another individual wants or needs and then fulfilling the want or need of that other person.

Giving the Gift of Your Name (The Networking Factor)

Although, this is about giving the gift of your name to others, it certainly runs a close second in importance to "Whats' in a name?"What is giving the gift of your name? Giving the gift of your name is when you see someone you haven't seen in a while and you are kind enough to give (remind) him or her your name (the gift) again without any hesitation.It's not nice to keep someone guessing about your name.

Which Networking Events Should You Attend?

How does one determine which are the best events to attend based on one's best customer?Customers are not a dime a dozen, especially in today's economy. So it is best to follow the rules mentioned before on how to define your best customer before attending an event.

Follow-Up with Your Contacts

What happens when you meet a potential client at an event and you do not follow up?So now the event is over and you have collected a number of business cards, taken notes on the best prospects, divided the cards into Y(es), N(o), and M(aybe), now what? It is time to follow up. The best follow-up is immediate - they will remember you best if you go home that night and enter their information into your database and send a personal email or hand-written note.

Defining a Quality Networking Group

When it comes to quality, how do you choose the group that matches your expectations?Defining a quality group is not as easy as it looks. You first need to conduct the research into meetings, type of attendance etc.

Ask for What YOU Want and Gain More Business

Why ask others for help and what do you gain from it?What does asking for help have to do with creating business relationships and making announcements? It has everything to do with it. You have made announcements, donated items, created an awareness of who you are and what you do.

Practice Makes Pefect

What is the problem when people try to describe what they do and they stumble over their words and never consistently repeat the same message?Have you ever gone to a networking event and the person next to you is trying to describe what they do and they keep miscuing the words? This happens so often at these events. The major problem, besides focus, is the fact that they have not practiced their spiel.

Plan for the Event or Flounder

Rather than being there to eat the food and drink the drinks, planning before attending an event will change your view.Have you ever attended an event and seen all the people gravitating towards the food and the drinks? That is the first thing people seem to go for.

How to Collect Business Cards

Why the business card grab is not why you are there? So how do you obtain the card and show interest that gains confidence?One of the things I am also always asked is, "How do you collect cards?" and "What do you do with them when you get them back to the office?" What really happens when you collect business cards? Often they get put into a pocket with many others. Have you ever collected cards to later find out that you have no idea who the person was? This happens all the time.

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