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One of the most important, but often overlooked aspects of marketing is copywriting. Businesses afford much attention, time and money, on graphics, mail formats and all of the website bells and whistles. But the copy--what is said about the businesses product--is often left to the end, receiving little focus or refinement.

Whether your marketing plan involves ads, direct mail or a website, you need to ensure that all of your copy is professional and furthers your marketing goals in the most effective ways possible. With all that you invest in each marketing effort, you must ensure that your copy is a help and not a hindrance to your marketing goals. You are undoubtedly very well versed on your product. But you may not know the appropriate angle for each specific medium.

For direct mail, what makes the targeted customer open your letter and continue to read? With print ads, how do you get your point across quickly and memorably? And with your website, how does a prospective customer find you and decide to buy your product? Each marketing medium requires specific copy know how, as the copy must further the different goals of each effort. Valiss has the experience in the marketplace to apply successful and appropriate copy principals for every form of campaign--principals relating to broader copy goals or the more subtle nuances.

What Sophisticated Marketers Know

Sophisticated marketers know that successful print media requires copy that is concise, persuasive and relevant. Don't sabotage your marketing goals with unprofessional, ineffectual copy. Valiss professionals provide copy that enhances and completes any and all marketing campaign efforts.

Ted Prodromou spent over 25 years in the computer industry working for IBM, Digital, and Cellular one. Today he's the owner of Valiss IT, a consulting firm that provides small business coaching and marketing help. He's also a certified personal and professional coach.

Ted has created and led many coaching workshops and today is helping small businesses automate their marketing with his latest coaching program, "Attract Clients While You Sleep". For more information visit

If you would like to download his free report "How To Attract Clients While You Sleep" visit

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